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Affiliate program

offers offers everyone a unique opportunity to receive an extra passive income within our affiliate program.

We have developed a specially designed four-level referral program, which, if actively used, increases your profits many times over.

Using your referral link, you get a chance to attract new partners to your own structure. Provided their active participation in the investment process, you will start to receive profits from each new investment of your partners.

What does the referral system mean?

The referral system is a purpose-designed company program for attracting new partners and investors. For each attracted active partner, you are guaranteed to receive a referral fee.

Referral structure has no limitations and can be scaled up to 4 levels down. All data about your partners is available on the Referral System page in the personal account, where you can not only track your partners' activity but also contact them via e-mail.

For partners


Our company offers all active investors to expand their financial opportunities by participating in the affiliate program.

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2.2% Level 1
0.5% Level 2
0.5% Level 3
0.5% Level 4

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